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Introducing a new safety analysis solution

Dymodia is a new software tool to support model-based safety analysis of dynamic, safety-critical systems. It combines both system modelling, synthesis, and analysis techniques in a single package, linking failure-related information directly to relevant system elements. After annotating system models with local failure behaviour, Dymodia can synthesise failure propagation models for the entire system and analyse these automatically. This helps to avoid the need to manually create or update analysis artefacts in response to design changes: instead, analysts can modify a system design, automatically regenerate the failure models, and see the corresponding changes in the system failure behaviour immediately.

Key features:

  • Customisable modelling of hierarchical system architectures using easy-to-understand block diagrams
  • Create state machines to model dynamic behaviour and link these directly to system architectures
  • Annotate models with qualitative and quantitative failure data to describe component-level failure behaviour
  • Automatic synthesis of failure propagation models in the form of fault trees
  • Create additional manual fault trees and link these to system architectures, state machines, or other fault trees
  • Use high-performance algorithms to analyse entire system models in seconds
  • Support for both static and dynamic fault trees
  • View customisable results of both Fault Tree Analyses and Failure Modes & Effects Analyses

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